"  With the support of Princeton Foundation, we brought a nationally recognized Key Note speaker, regional workshop partners, community resources
and so much more to the Conference. Thank you Princeton Foundation. You made a real difference for our community by providing the support we needed 
to make this conference possible. We are thrilled that you are making this happen in our community."
Heidi Kahme
Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance Parenting Conference Organizing Committee. N.J. USA 
 "The fellowship for peace learning has multifarious effects on academic life of our students. This financial support contributes significantly in
maintaining the career orientation of students in a society, where career is still a leisure activity for girls. The institution greatly appreciates
your earnest endeavors towards promoting girls’ education." 
Dr. Kusum Mishra
Vasant Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Varanasi, India